20 November 2017

Week #65

Hot then Rain then Back to Hot then more RAIN

Tarkwa is just such a cool area! elder piutau just had such a fun week. we see anything weather it be a shop or a person or a cool shirt! we stop and talk to litterly EVERYONE!! we had a greet week with many new investagators and still trying to scope out this massive area! missionary work is not jut fun but its the chillest! that doest make sense but when you just love what you do life seems sooooo simple. teaching.talking.learning.sleep.repeat. (PLUS FOOD) hahahahah

well funny story: after a lonnnng day elder Piutau and i were walking from the University in our area. and it had been raining all day but i mean who cares its just some rain but all the pot holes on the road were covered and as we were walking in the dark back to the house along the highway a big olllllllle semitruck drove by and hit the pot hole FULLLL OF MUD and water!! hahah yea we got soaked it was halarious! but the cool thing is that a taxi driver saw the whole thing and immediatly pulled over and said,''GET IN OR I WONT GO TO CHURCH!" hahah we were like what the heck who on earth says that!? so we got in and found out just that day the ZL's in another area in the next town had GC'd him and gave him a pamphlet. he said you guys are men of God and i need to do some service so thats why he stopped and took us to town for free!

there are still some wonderful people in this world who still see that god blesses his children even from the slightest things that we do to serve and help those around us! also want to thank the ZL's cause with out there constant efforts that man probly would of never picked us up. because of there effort a man was blessed and us after we were just soaked got a nice ride  back to town! God has his ways, they might be weird or strange, but who knows maybe one day that man could be a bishop, idk but all those little seeds planted but US as latter day saints will one day blossom into a beautiful Lilly!

another great week ahead! loved the pics of the temple dedication! god has granted the tresure valley with another temple, lets make it count and use it!! WORK WORK WORK till the work is finished!! love you all god bless!

elder jeppson

1-6: TONGANS CAN EAT!! WHOLE COW! hhahahah
7.the legend and i
8. rice ball and palm nut soup with a side of smoked fish. one of my favvvvs


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