06 November 2017

Week #63

Words of Appreciation

this week was AWESOME!

first off, i have been called to Train AGAIN and also elder mease has been called to train!! sooo proud of that guy for how far he has come, he is ready to train. i am confident! and also i will be whitewash training, opening a new area, and being a district leader..... YEA ITS GONNA BE ONE CRAZZZZY RIDE! hahahah so im preety sad im gonna be leaving my city, Cape Coast! but im excited for the new journey!

i cant describe how grateful i am for the lords annointed servents. this week we had elder nash of the africa west area presidentcy come and instruct our mission for 5 hours.... Blessing upon blessings as that man opened up his life and laid it all on the table. he sees the future of our mission and he wants us to get there. hes wants us to elevate! i loved every word of his instruction. as a young missionary himself in south america he told us how hot he says it was. so he just straight up said, " youve been called to ghana, embrace and love the heat, its what you been called to do." BAAABOOOOOM! man i loved that so much for some reason.

elder Nashs relationship of the savior is something i envy to be like. his appreciation for jesus christ can not be written. he knows his savior and he encourages all of us to do the same. study his words and get to know him. For about 2 hours of him there we got to ask him any doctrinal sound question, that man answered EVERY question using the Book of Mormon..... it was sooo cool the way he related every question to some story in the book of mormon. i strive to be that conversant with the scriptures but i know the only way to be like that is to study them. and study and study till i can never forget them. We in the ghana cape coast mission was given such an honor to hear from one of the lords servants.

the rest of the week was great and busy learning from our investagators and trying to resolve there questions. we had 2 investagtors again walk all the way from a nearby village to church. man i love the faith of those that have found the truth, its a miracle in the process!

IM AN UNCLE!! hahahah congrats kenz and andy on there new babies! love you all and my prayers and blessing be upon you for your help and love you all show me! i miss you all

elder jeppson

1.pizza with the boys to celebrate mease training!
2.late nights by the beach...so pretty
3-6. having to say goodbye to the best ward ever...not an easy goodbye
7. its an art to watch these guys fish.... pretty cool!

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