30 October 2017

Week #62

Cape Coast, Nkanfoa

well this next week could be my last week in Cape, transfer news is saturday....

nothing to report this week. had about 50 people say they were coming to church and about 2 came so it was a solid 5% as usual hahah went on a few exchanges with the elders in my district and life is just always sooo sweet.

missionary sunday was yesterday and i was able to give a talk on how we are all growning together in the church. told them about jethro, moses father in law and how he told moses what he should teach the people. a humble servant such as moses himself hearkend to the words of jethro because he sustained his leaders. gotta love the stories in the old testament. My reading in jesus th Christ has been nothing but a dream. i missed learning about the saviors life and what a perfect time to do it cause guess whats in like 9 weeks..............CHRISTMAS! hahah my goal is to finish the 700 page book before that hahahhah LETS EAT

nothing else to say besides ive learned to love talking to people about what missionaries do. people might not care about our message, (YET) but they are sooo concerend why 2 obunis are walking around all day in this hot sun telling people about christ. so its a blast to explain our purpose and why we are here and why we even came on mission and left the great land of "America" hahah its a seed waiting to grow. as people see what we are willing to go through to help others they will want to learn more and eventually know the truth for themselves.

we walk and talk cause we love.

HAVE A GOOD WEEK! happy halloween, mease and i are thinking of dressing up as muslims and trick or treating president hahahahh elder nash of the 70 will be at there house on halloween night so were having second thoughts but i think it would be kind of funny! hahah we will have to flip a coin i guess.... HAHAHAHAH love you all!

elder jeppson

1.our water filter after like 3 hours of use.... water is yummy\
2. just some coconut and CAPE BEACHES

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