16 October 2017

Week #60

sometimes its not easy

GOOD LONG WEEK OH MY GOODNESS! elder mease has finished his training! its all over now and its time for hard HARD work. jk weve already been working hard hah but we gon go lots harder in the paint now! haha i honestly cant believe its already been 12 weeks... time has just flown! and elder mease and i have just become the best of friends!

well the reason i said its not easy is cause despite the 10 new investagators weve been getting recently and all the ghanians in ALL of nkanfoa promising us they will come to church.... yep, not even one came.

patience. its a lesson and a principle i am trying to master and understand.... OHHHH MY GOSH ITS HARD THOUGH. hahah you just wish people understood how important it is for them to go to this church. you teach them what this gospel offers, eternal life, you help them with members and friends, and activites and still they dont get it and dont come. but the question i find my self always asking is why?

and i think i got an answer..... heheheheh the answer is simply the world...

now i know that makes no sense but like its the world. people see that if youre not doing what everyone else is doing then youre doing it wrong if your church doesnt have like 5 programs a week and play loud music or if they dont speak in the gift of tougues (quick example of what that sounds like) lsdhfoskdafjdsaokjfsdioafsmdaflkdsjflkdsafjldksjfsakjfsdlkjfsdlakfjsdkl then youre doing youre life wrong and youre church is false.

you get the point? everyone wants to go with the current. and just be like everyone else. but what does gods want!? he wants us to do what is right and go the way he wants us to go. i am trying to learn these people situation and put my self in there shoes cause i see that after your whole life of knowing something. to have some missionaries come and tell you you have been doing it all wrong.... it wouldnt be easy to take hahah but by small things i know that the people we are teaching will understand the imporatace of this gospel. cause miricles DO happen but only after the trail of our faith.

brothers and sisters ALL is Well is Zion! and god still reigns on high so dont worry about what the world says. listen to that beautiful song that God is singing for YOU personal to hear. cause he knows the way.

love you dearly
elder jeppson

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