09 October 2017

Week #59

well, another week!

nothing like mission. everyday the same stuff. but at the same time everyday is unique and when i write in my journal every night i just reflect on how truley blessed i am for having this very rare opportunity to serve the lord, in the country of ghana. now the reason i say that "rare" is that only about 75000 other people around the world know exactly how it is to be a missionary in our day and time. OH HOW LUCKY AM I!! btw cool fact for the day for 1 missionary, there are about 101000 people that are not missionaries hahahah BLESSED.

well elder mease and i just had a KIller week! we had like 6 new investagators who we are hopeing to progress reaally fast. missionary work is soo different in every area but for the most part the challenge is when knowing when to drop and investagator cause of non-seriousness or other reasons. you want to help these people sooooo bad especially after you have taught them everything and you feel that you KNOW that person sooo well and yet they still are not ready to comit to follow our saviour and joing his church... its not easy droppign people you have taught for months. but its like a unripe mango... they just aren't ready yet. patience is the key to this work, i have a big testimony of that.

well i have nothing to really share this week. just finished the doctrine and covenants again! the last few chapters... are tooo good! crazy how much unknown mysteries there are in the scriputes. i cant wait till all things will be reveled and everything will just makes sooooo much more sense hahah.

10 weeks till christmas, but whos counting........... hhahahah

god bless you all.

elder jeppson

-- momies makin some boncu for us 
-- beautiful ghana!! gotta love nkanfoa lol

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