02 October 2017

Week #58

All 5 sessions of the greatest conference

funny story: 

so a few weeks ago we had a young priest ordain a recent convert in the ward to a priest as well. the boy giving the blessing is benjamin. it was his first time to ever ordain another person to a priesthood office. benjamin began the prayer and it sounded like he had preformed this ordination many many times he did such a great job! and gave such a beautiful blessing at the end.

the funny part is right as he said amen. HIS jaw dropped and he turned his palm over looking at his hand like he had just thrown fire out of his hand on the particks head!! hahahahahahahhaha the whole priesthood was laughing soooo hard. love how these boys are learning to practice their priesthood. hahahahahahh sooooooo funny! (maybe you had to be there) lol

conference.. this was not an average conference there was a type of spirit that i have never ever felt before as i listen to conference. the talks were sooo inspiring and sooo touching and i know god truley does call prophets seers and revelators to teach and edify our learning and spiritual growth of this restored gospel.

Tad R. Callister. FIRE! hahahah i will never ever EVER take anti stuff about joseph smith and the book of mormon. man that guy laided it all out! such a great talk i loved it all!

"we can see spiritually beyond what we can see spiritually" - W. Christopher Waddell

yeaaaaaaaa so pretty much pres uchdorf made the word. IT. be like a full sentence!! the guy took the word LIGHT. to a whole new level!!!! hahahha soooo sweet!

and my most favorite talk of conference was richard J. maynes. he said something i will never forget. he said that his dad once told him, "once you compromise your integrity, you can never get it back. Dont ever do it. not even once." i loved that statment and it means a lot to me. have integrity be trustful and do what is right always. never give in!!! 

let us all go back and read these talks. ALL OF THEM. each of them had such inspiring hidden messages. just as elder anderson said as you read them you will find treasures in these talks meant for you. 

LOVE IT!! such a good week! love you all!

elder jeppson

1-2. for 13 months i have been with elder young. he finally went home! imma miss that guy soooo much! learned soo much from him.
3. just crazy stuff hahahah our stupid house
5-6. conference and a view (dont mind moroni and his butt lol)

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