25 September 2017

Week #57

Joseph Smith

Elder Mease and i are going to stay together another transfer! we are both very excited to continue to work in nkanfoa! this week nothing really happened. i can just feel haamitan (dry season) coming. im sooooo burnt and its tooo freaking hot latley!

joseph smith, the prophet in this last dispensations, as been stated, " has done for the salvation of mankind then jesus christ himself." someone i owe everything to. because of him, i am who i am today. and with out his faith, i could have non or faith in the wrong things, things of the world, not of god.

for the last 3 weeks we have had 4 young men in the ward that came up to us missionaries after church to ask if we could teach them more about joseph smith and especially his history. of course we said yes and all 4 of us were sooo excited to learn with these powerful young men.

as we read out of joseph smith history and even a few sections out of the Doctrine and covenants, my eyes were opened to a whole new perspective of jospeh smith. as the boys asked us question after questions, i asked my self, "why on earth would 4 young men in the middle of west africa care SO much about knowing what a small 14 year old boy who lived many decades before them, in a country so far away?"

then of course the spirit of the lord answered my questions almost as soon as it came into my head. Joseph Smith is a True prophet of God and this is the church of christ that through Him was restored in its fullness. those boys knew it and they wanted to know how it was possible. even though they already knew he was a prophet they wanted to know more and more and more. the testimonys those boys shared to us changed my life and perspective of the prophet joseph smith.i am forever greatful for that man.

cant wait for another week to share about him and our savior jesus christ! love it!

elder jeppson

1. the 4 boyz! emmanuel, benjamin, mogabe, john
2-4. more dinners with president and the durrants hahahah (WE ENJOYING)
5. Elder Stephens is going on transfer, gonna miss that guy
6. little baby going to the bathroom lol one of our investigators daughter hahah
7-11. (pictures we received from Elder Mease's mom - thank you!)

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