18 September 2017

Week #56


went to takoradi to renew my non-citizen card in takoradi! was such a blast to be with my TC's all together after 1 year. we spent the day together and went to the nicest hotel in the mission and got some great foooooood of course! its amazing how much you can change in just a year. THE PROVO 9! the first ever to come to ghana and come from the provo mtc. hahah man we enjoyed! i think everyone in the whole mission knows my group is the best in the wholllle mission! i love it! hahaha

mease and i started to teach a few new investigators this week. and some of them turned out to be soooo great! had a couple of people come to church. so we are starting to see some more people prepared by the lord.

we are on week 9 of training.... man the way time goes. elder mease is doing soo great and is farrr better at teaching then i was when i came i love it, and i love how even though he is in training i feel that i am being retrained and remined on the things that i need to do better.

questions. ohhh how i love questions. i used to fear the idea of getting asked a question by someone and not knowing how to answer it. brother dadzie one of our investagators has some crazy crazy questions. but there are sincere and real questions, thats why we continue to answer them. but what ive learned about teaching people is that if youre talking more then the investigator, the investigator might learn something, but if you want someone to really come unto christ and change there nature and not just there behavior.... ask questions and have THEM talk.

instead of telling people what they need to do to follow christ, have them answer there own questions. it might not make sense cause if you have a questions its usually cause you dont have the answer. but when someone has to really think why they need to repent and why they need to be baptized. before you even tell them the scriptural answer, they will have some kind of idea why. it might not be 100 percent the correct answer, but there is always truth in a sincere response. and after they give an answer on there OWN questions you add to what they said and testify of the truthfull ness that you know.

brothers and sisters im not just learning how to teach but i am actually learning how to learn myself. its amazing what inspired questions can do to those you meet. dont fear to question the scriputes as long as your motives are right, you will receive an answer. i know it and i see my prayers and questions get answered everyday.

god bless you my friends

elder jeppson

1-2. one of our members husband died and so the relief society did some service and got some food and things to help her out during this hard time. but we had to carry most the stuff of the BIG hill hahahah its was awesome to see the relief society doing what they do best. SERVE
3-8. Atlantic hotel with the BOYZ!! man that burger was goooooood hahah

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