04 September 2017

Week #54

The biggest festival in Ghana.

man oh man these week was a tough one!! all week we just walked around trying to talk to anyone we could meet but all went to town for the big festival! had like 3 lessons alllll week and not even 1 investagator came to church.... but we did enjoy a little district movie night watched 17 miracles and played some volleyball this morning so it made up for the bad week! 

but something i would like to share comes from my reading in doctrine and covenants section 59:23, one of my all time favorites. it reads, "But learn that he who doeth the works of righteousness shall receive his reward even peace in this world and eternal life in the world to come."

now the reason i like this scripture so much is cause its sooo simple and it applys to alll mankind no matter who you are or where you come from. i love how it starts by saying "but learn" without going to the scriptures and actually studying what god wants us to do we will never know joy and peace. having the knowledge of what god wants us to do exactly, is a feeling of relief, not worrying about messing up or doing something wrong. with knowledge of gods plan we dont have to guess or worry whats gonna happen, we will already know!

the next states, "he who doeth the work or righteousness" he didnt say anyone who just does work or someone that is just a member of his church. doeth, is an action word so those who are acting on their faith and working for gods gifts will recieve what he has promised. we can not be idle, being there is simply not enough, we must be involved.

and the last part, "will recieve his reward" it sounds personal to me like each of us will have peace and joy but the word HIS makes it sounds like i will personaly have a reward for what i do. SO COOL! and the coolest part about this scripture is that God is promising not just peace in this life but also in the next even the greatest of all gods gifts, Eternal life.

what a coool scripture i just love sooo very much, let us all do our part and work to reicieve OUR reward. god bless you all have a great week!

elder jeppson

1.BBQ sauce face after a solid egg sandwich hahah
2.just a small parade through just tiny nkanfoa
3-4. the brethern (elder williams on exchange with stevens)
5. nothing like some empasi, yam and egg stew!! sooo nice!

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