11 September 2017

Week #55


yea well our district rap we are writing for our mission is almost done so you can say i am pretty stoked for this week hahahaha

well elder mease and i went to our trainers follow up meeting at ola chapel this week. we watched clips from the movie miracle on ice, (one of the greatest movies of alllll times) hahaha we talked about the first few weeks of mission and how there stages. the first being forming, the part where we get assigned to our companion and we are all so full of energy, straight from the mtc sooo stoked for missionary work!

the next stage is the storming stage, after the first week or few days on mission the new missionary is tired and not used to all the new stuff that mission has in front of them. there are small fights with the companionship cause of not understandings and others. this stage is the stage companions need to get out of.

the next is norming, chemistry, where the companionship is starting to get along and they have a rhythm in teaching now and they learn to talk and work with one another. this is where the skill is developing and the lords work it progressing! 

the last is performing, the stage of miracles where now that both companions know each other and love one another and work with an obedient mind the miracles and people being baptised are converted to the lord. this is the stage what all missionaries should strive for!

it was a great meeting and elder mease and i are having a great time i love it!

well elder young wants to get on so i love you all. remember to choose the right at all time. god is watching. 


elder jeppson

1-3. foooooooood, pizza, cereal at president house, MASSIVE platain
4-5. trainers follow up meeting
6. president gave us goooood ole idaho potatoes!! we enjoyed!! hahah
7.me sooo tired after my hour argument with bishop about a temple marriage and a traditional marriage ayyye the culture of ghana is not easy ooo hahah

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