28 August 2017

Week #53


brothers and sisters..... WOW..... a whole year has come and gone and as for me, i have been experiencing the greatest life time adventure i could ever ask for. As of August 23, 2016 i have been set apart as a full time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. all i can say to my heavenly father is a thank you and i love you. this past year has not been easy at allllll. but because of this gospel i have experienced a change in my life that i know nooo money, no school, nooo job could give me. A knowledge that my Savior lives. i know it.

well this week was of course sick as heck. like mannnnn i just enjoyed hahahah chopping some goood foood everyday, extending baptism dates, talking to non serious people about the gospel, starting working out again hhahah and of course learning more and more about the gospel of jesus christ.

Brother Dadzie, a 35 year old man that lives in cape coast cause of work while his family lives in accra had a cool eye opening lesson with us on tuesday, the lesson was on the work of wisdom. (GREAT LESSON) hahaha well in accra where his family stays he used to drink alchol on the weekends with his friends at the club he wasnt addicted but he like the time with his friends. as we explained the word of wisdom he was very quiet and didnt say much. after we spoke we pause and my compa asked if he any questions or something hed like to say, he then told us that ever since he moved to cape coast he hasnt drunk anything and he doesnt even have the desire to drink ever again. he told us that if he had not moved to cape about a year ago then he proboly would of not have stopped. but he has notice that there is a difference in his life when he doesnt drink. he asked us very specifically if he had to for sure 100 percent stop drinking to be baptized we told him we are not perfect but we must be prepared and commited to not ever drink ever again. he told us the reason he asks is because he wants to make sure that when he is baptized he has been baptized correctly and he is ready to commit to follow his savior forever.

the lord prepares people to reiceve his gospel. over the past year i have seen it many times, but truely i know god is in control and that there is noooo need to worry cause in the end.... all things will be made right and the elect will stand by christs side at the last day. 

1 more year.... its not enough time. but itll have to do. thank you all for the wonderful support you have shown me this time. means a lot and i really appreciate it. love you all, my prayers and blessing be upon you all! 


Elder Jeppson
Ghana Cape Coast Mission

1. feels like jungle book in our bush village hahah
2-5. DINNER AT ROYAL RIDGE!!! man we enjoyed!! place was the nicest place i have eaten at my whole time in ghana.
6-7. elder nelson and i (my TC) puttin up 1 for one down one to go!! hahah
8. MY CITY, plus a massive fallen tree hahaha

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