01 August 2017

Week #49


well i cant believe im 19.... in Ghana im still considered a small boy so i love it!! well i had a great birthday for sure!! mom and dad send me some dehydrated green beans and gravy so lets just say my first bite i was almost in tears it was sooo good hahahahh  and that night we bought some pizza in town! and of course as a ghanaian tradition... i was soaked with water after we finished eating hahah 

Elder Mease is the name of my new greenie companion!! (my son) hes such a cool guy from Utah! we are gonna enjoy! hes got lots a spirit and a great testimony! and for ONCE! i have a guy that gets more emotional then me hahah lots in common so we are gonna make the most of these next few weeks and lots from each other!! guy is also halarious, never laughed this much in just 5 days.when i first came i thought i was hard to hear the ghanaians speak. but elder mease is having a hard time hearing ME talk!! hahah says my accent is too hard for him to understand my english!! hahahahah WHAT THE HECK!! MY ENGLISH IS TRASH!! hahahah

Well sarah was baptised by her husband brother victor!! has he pulled her out of the water and gave her the biggest hug and kiss. my eyes were filled with the love of christ and the love that brother victor has for his wife. over 1 year of him trying to help her become a member! ive never seen a man sooo happy to know 1 year from now he can go get sealed with his family in the Ghana, Accra temple!! the baptism has really shown me how that familys truely can be together forever! and because of the faithfullness and love that brother victor has for his family, after all this time and his dilligence, his wife is a member of Jesus Christ church. miracles in the making brothers and sisters!!

well im about done with the book of mormon again. what a powerful book! my advice to all those who are planning on serving a mission. 


its not hard at all haha just small small each day and before you know it. you will have read the greatest book of all time! i love the book of mormon too much! hah its a little weird how much. but i know if you read it you will have the answers the deepest questions of the soul!

love you all!

elder jeppson 

1.elder mease and i!! man hes a tall guy hahaha
2-4. GREEN Beans and gravy!!! and PIZZA!!! (to explain -- Green beans and gravy is one of Peyton's favorite meals from home so we sent him some freeze dried beans and hamburger and instant potatoes so he could make some for his birthday.)
5.elder young and i
6.the amount of book of mormons and pamphlets sarah has been given over the pass year! UNREAL!!
7.soaked with water

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