07 August 2017

Week #50

The 100th Apostle in Our Dispensation

A day i cannot forget, the day i stood in front of an apostle of the lord and shook his hand. i always knew the church was true but as i got to shake an apostle hand... my life and view of this gospel is forever change. God truly calls inspired men to lead and guide His church. the spirit i felt as i Shook elder Renlunds hand, i will never forget. THE CHURCH IS TRUE!

Cool thing about elder Renlund is that he is actually the 100th Apostle in our day. i thought it was kind of neat! ahhah he was accompanied by elder Vincent, Africa west area president. both gave such amazing instructions on the simple truths and principles of the church. mainly on Faith.

but i want to share the 5 bullet points elder renlund shared with us, 

1. the Lord, Jesus Christ himself, thanks the Ghana Cape Coast mission for all that we do in this work.
that was soooo crazy to hear and the spirit was sooo strong!

2. we all have been called by revelation to this mission and we Must learn to know that we are here and not here by chance.
everyday i learn more and more why i am here but i think after almost a year of being in ghana i see it and i KNOW why i am here. god is a living god.

3.president and sister hillam were called and sustained by all 15 apostles 

i just love the hillams and they are so sweet and want to make this mission such a successful mission. i love there spirit 

4. Attitude and effort mean everything!

you have to be positive in all things and your effort has to be sooo diligent and hardworking or you will go home with regrets and missed opportunities to serve our savior and his children

5. your success is measured on commitment

no matter how many baptisms, how many people you teach. your success first off depends on YOU and second can only be measured on how much you grew in this gospel and what you did you fulfill your purpose as a disciple of christ. 

what a powerful just couple hours we had with the apostle but i know his words are scripture cause they were inspired through the holy spirit to be said and they have touch the hearts of not only me but all of this mission! AHHH ITS SOOOO DOPE TO BE A MISSIONARY!! HAHAH

A day i will never forget..... aye chale god is tooo good! haha


elder jeppson

1. THE WHOLE GHANA CAPE COAST MISSION. first time weve all been together in a year and a half. sooo fun to see everyone! (im in the very center! ha)
2. hahha just thought it was funny. 1 year and first year hahah ohhh elder mease
3. abigail was baptised on saturday
4. i look tok tok but man i am sooo tan...
5-7. some pics from the mission meeting! finnally got to see the OG provo 9 agian. its almost been a year since ive seen some of them! such a fun reunion!

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