21 August 2017

Week #52

less actives and finding 

WHAT IS GOOD?? man mission is good. this week we found lots of people to teach and even met with some long time less actives. the ward got involved with some service project and of course i ate like a champ this week (for living in ghana) hahaha so this week went great!

elder mease is a powerful missionary who is learning more and more everday. hes getting comfy leading the lessons and asking questions. man the guy is bold when he speaks and i love it. being bold in missionary work is probobly one of the most significant aspects of this work. people need to see that we can not be shaken, we know what we teach and testify is true. and when people see the confidence and love for this gospel that we have they will relize that this is no lie what we speak of and we are here with a purpose!

met a less active that was in the church for 6 years and then left cause the church didnt give her money to go to south africa for a job....( hahah welcome to my life) but what was sooo amazing to me about the lesson with her is that i felt impressed to ask her if the church is still the only true church, she respond after several seconds of complete silence and said, "yes it is" so of course i asked then why dont you come back? her answer made me realize that she still has pride and is even confused about what she knows is true. she said she just doesnt have faith in the church anymore...... i was like what the heck??? hahahah you said its true but you dont have faith in it? MASTA thats the same thing!! we tried to help her understand but sometimes peoples pride needs to go before you teach them so we will continue to work with her but man i thought i was sooo cool that even though she doesnt like the church... she can never deny it is true. that is the power of TRUE conversion.

 i know one day that less active will come back. i know it. because she can never deny the faith and the truth of this church. what a cool experiance elder mease and i got to have this week!

another great week ahead i hope hahaha sike it always is a good one! cant believe thursday marks 1 year on mission...... 

AYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYE hhahah oh life is good.


elder jeppson

1-2. oasis with a BURGER!! hahah sooo nice3-4 FIFA pitch was soooo sweet today. man i miss indoor soccer league!
5.say hi to my fan, my best friend hahahah
7-9. all africa service project on saturday was sooo fun!! love getting the ward involved with serving our neighbors and the community.
10. the mission home flooded when president was out of town hahah so we had to fix that up for them hahahah
11. "slept" in the AP's apparment. (havent slept in AC in sooo long it was TOO cold i didnt sleep at alllll hahahah)


  1. Lots of great stuff in this letter, but I cant help but LOVE LOVE LOVE this...

    "(havent slept in AC in sooo long it was TOO cold i didnt sleep at alllll hahahah)"
    GOTTA LOVE THAT BOY!!! A man after my own heart! I am sooooo happy I get to read his letters! Havent missed a single one! <3 BTW, TO Peyton: Coulson is going to Natal, Brazil!!! He isnt supposed to even BRING a suit!!! Haha! You two are lucky cousins! XO