24 July 2017

Week #48

"Uri the trainer who trains?" hahah

well transfers is this week and ive been called to train!! im kind of stoked but also nervous know that the beggining of your mission effects the rest of it! and if its not good. oooooo you will suffer ooo!! i went to some meeting with the 21 other trainers this group. got 9 coming from provo mtc so it will be just like me when i came!! hahah gonna be sweet!!

this week is honestly hard to beat. between moving presidents shippment into his house. to answering like 234897289 questions from a humanitarian group from the US.to having 10 investagators at church and even  finding out that this saturday a year long investagator is going to be baptised!! what an amazing week it was!

i want to talk about the miracle of sister Sarah and her answer to her prayer to know the truth.

so sarah is the first councelors wife in the Nkanfoa ward (brother victor), brother victor has been a member for about a year and a half and was endowed about 6 months ago. hes wanted his wife who was born and raised a catholic to join the church so that he could be sealed with his family in the temple. they have 3 children that are sooo spazy i love them, one of them is also baptised. july 6 of 2016 sister sarah was referred to the missionaries. (last year) shes been taught almost weekly if not dailey this past year.

shes the women i talked about a few weeks ago how she has always hated the church because of some of the way the members are in there life and have made big mistakes. thats why sarah has not joined all this time. so the custom in west africa is usually the women has to go to the church of the husband (they dont have to but usualy they do) brother victor has been sooo patient this whole time and has allowed her to go to her church. but for the past 10 weeks she has come to church.

the whole ward knows sarah and has tried to help her know that this is true, prayer after prayer, testimony after testimony has been said to sarah. and all this time shes recieved small answers but not enough for her to know the truth. but brothers and sisters, God does answer prayers, in his time...

sarah was asleep a few nights ago when she had a dream, in the dream she was simply asked, "sarah where is your temple recommend?" she said she wanted to insult the man cause she knew that she cant have one cause shes not a member. she then woke up, very confused i bet so she woke up her husband brother victor. she told him what happened in her dream..

brother victor then explained to her that the only way to get a temple recommend is to  be baptised. she immediatly knew it was an answer to her prayer. she said i want to be baptised this saturday! we are soooo excited! over 1 year of missionaries and a million prayers... prayers are answered!

and guess what they are even playing on going through the temple 1 year from saturday to be seal for time and all eternity! i am soo grateful to be apart of this wonderful prosses!!

love you all sooo much!! another great week ahead of us!!

elder jeppson

1.the 21 trainers!
2-3. helped move presidents shippment from home inside his house! HAHAH president is sooo funny after we set up his matress he said come try it hahaha
4.just pday ballin

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