10 July 2017

Week #46

People are watching YOU.

well i wanted to start with a joke this week sooo...how long is a Chinese man? (answer at the bottom hahaha)

Average week i guess. kind of sucked missin the 4th of july but we made the most of it and made some chicken sausages with bread and watermelon to celebrate hahah GOD BLESS THE USA

Got a text this week from one of my old investagator named Paul. Now brother paul i taught for about 5 months and met with him almost everyday. Paul knows the church is true but his uncle, the one he has been staying with (the old bishop) said paul needs about 6 MONTHS of learning before he can be baptized.... what the wow hahah

All the text simply said was, "elder jeppson! im being baptized this saturday! i am very excited. thank you for andswering my questions and helping me find the true church." i sat back and thought about how many times i had taught paul. and although i wont see paul get baptized, i had such a peacful feeling and full of graditude that i got to be part of pauls conversion! im sooo blessed and i cant wait to call him saturday and ask him how it went! 6 months that man has waited for just a few seconds in a faunt in the middle of west africa, yet the effect of those few seconds is eternal! i love being a missionary and being an instrument in the lords hand.

People are watching YOU. as latter day saints those that see you in your dailey life have a curiosity about you. they notice and watch your actions and its simply because the light of christ is in your life. This is a Great thing! but it also can be very harmful to the reputation of the church. recently had a lesson with a long time investagator who finnally opened up about why she still doesnt want to join the church. she said that she had notice that some of the members werent being good christians and doing very bad things. she said if this is truley gods church then the members would be very good.people.

i was sad to hear this news but we tried to teach her how the church is perfect but the people of the church are not and they still make mistakes. the lesson i learned is not that the members of ghana are not good but that People Are Watching Us. so in all things do what is right. if we members do what is right in the sight of the lord people who are not of the church wont have any troubles about the church. president uchdorf once said something like, "be a faithful latter day saint and if necessary use words." meaning that in our actions people should see we are good disciples of christ and that we truley have taken upon his name and if we feel the spirit tell us too. share our thoughts with words!

Remember PEOPLE are watching! so do good in All things!

love you all! 

elder jeppson

its a statement... How Long is his name and he's a chinese man

1. 4th of july Feast!!! hahaha
2-5. Little farm day!! IN THE RAINNNNN! hHAAH
6.yamorandsa zone and president and sister hillam

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