23 October 2017

Week #61

soaking, nothing better!

Brother dadzie! the man was finnally baptized on saturday! i thought about the last 3 months on how many times i had taught dadzie and how big of a change i have seen in that mans life. hes gonna be one strong leader in the church in a few years here in nkanfoa! So funny we were filling up the faunt and we didnt know why it wasnt filling. were sooo stupid! hahahahah the plug wasnt in........ and here the best part once we put the plug in we went and proslyted while it was filling........ yea we forgot about it.... hahahahh after we bought some rice were were driving by the chapple and we see just this river of water coming out of the gate. i was like STOP!!!! hahahahha good thing the faunt is out doors. ohhhhhh mission. sometimes you just gotta laugh on the stupid things you do!

well we had our boy emmauell (hes like 55 btw) lol come all the way from Edu-Krom some bush village past nkanfoa come to church! bishop was SO LIT about it! hahah he wants to start a group out there sooo bad. so we will see what happends but were soooo excited! also a recent convert before i came has gone less active and she finnaly came back to church! speaking of church....yikes! as fun as it was to see the chapple packed to the BRIM like seats in the hallways! halfway through this, not to be rude, beyond awful talk by the high coucliman, guy litterly read every verse in D and C that even metions the priesthood hahahha THE POWER WENT OUT!! yea ghana.... no fans..... lots of people..... put ya to sleep talk..... I love it. 

hahahahah well that ghana for you and you just learn to appreciate it! i started jesus the christ again! plan to finish it before xmas. so we will see. that a lot of pages in just 10 weeks. but that book.... yea you wanna know jesus a little better ( alot) read that book!

well nothing much else to say. the gospel is true, people can change through the will and power of god. the book of mormon, yea its still true hahah well i love you all! god bless you

elder jeppson

Pics -- just some goood ole fun.. baptisms, chicken killing, amas husbans builidng there house.... with MUD hahahah i love ghana so much

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