22 May 2017

Week #39

eye dey go ooo!

WELL AFTER 9 months i am leaving assin fosu.... its crazy to think ive been here this whole time!! im gonna miss ward 1 sooo much and ive gotten soo close to the youth of this ward. they truley are one of the greatest people in the world. and i thank them for the things ive learned!! hahahah BUT CHALE EYE DEY GOOOOOOO HAHAHAHAHAH ill be honest..... im sooo stoked to go heheh lol i thank god.

this week was sooo fun! we went to farm with the sisters and we climbed a mountain to the farm on top of it. it was sweet! and sooo pretty. i dont think ill ever get closer to a district. all the people are sooo sweet! had a like 2 hour lesson with our doctrine investagator paul. haha guy said "what if god at the end of the world he destroys all of us and then just restarts and makes more children?" hahahh i love that guy but his questions are toooo much for me! 

well nothing much to say this week. i love fosu. i will never forget this place. god placed me here for a reason and i thank him for every second i got to spend here. love you all! have a good week!!!

elder jeppson

1. my faviorite tradition here. soak the man on there BIRTHDAY haha
2. PLENTY PLENTY FUFU (my stomach was gonna explode!!)
3-9: FARM OOOO  more farm!!! and the sweet view
10-12. the boys made us jolaf since im leaving!! love those kids (gave them some stuff to remember me hahaha)

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