06 May 2017

Week #36

A life time goal: Achieved

This past week ive reflected on how much knowledge ive learned about
the gospel in the past 8 months!! last week wednesday i finished the
Bible! and with now finishing that ive now read the old testament, new
testament, book of mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and the pearl of
great price! i have an firm testimony of the scriptures and what they
can teach us. There is no question, no concern, no problem that cannot
be resolved through the study of the scriptures! i love the old
testament, at first it was sooo hard to read but as you truley
understand and pray as you read the scriptures, god will manifest the
truth to you and enlighten your mind on the true meaning of the
stories and inspired writing in the scriputes! NOW to start all over
again!!! im excited to read it all for the second time! its gonna be
sooo cool!

well the whole sisters appartment was sick this week so that kind of
sucked cause we were at the hospital alot.... ive litterly sat in that
hospital for DAYS! hahah well all is well! i ran out of money about
last week wednesday so i was using some curry powder as my stew for my
rice for a few days HAHAH oh the things you have to do to live around
here! but all is well now!

So this week we had a great lesson with one of my recent converts,
sister jacklin. we were talking about familys and temples and the
question we asked her was, "how can families live together with god
someday?" she paused and with all confidence in her, she boldly
stated, " through repentace." Now that is a perfect, inspired answer
from jaclyn. with out us turning away from the natural man and
repenting of our sins we can not, and will not enter into gods kingdom
with our familys. Jacklin is one powerful kiddo and i cant wait to
keep teaching her about gods greatest gift on this earth, the
temples!! ill be honest, i miss the temple... its been hard to go with
out it but in time i will go soon!

well another great week! lots of fun activites coming up! and i cant
belive we are calling home in 2 weeks!!!! WAHOO!!!! love you all!

Elder Jeppson

1. SOOO much rain
2. danga was sick so she got an ultra sound hahahahahah
3-4. scriptures completed!!
5. me and my compa just arrguing hahahah love that man

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