24 April 2017

Week #35

livin it up!

man i swear yesterday was p-day... time is just flying!! i was thinking this week and its been 1 year since my sister came home from her mission and tommorow marks 1 year since i opened my call!! WHERE IS TIME GOING?! hahah thats why i hope i can live it up and make the most of this mission. cause someday it will end... sounds like a nightmare... my mission ending?? BUT thats a long ways a way so im stoked to continue to serve our God!!

Im tired pa pa!! we went to far with bishop this week and we took the "bushmobile" out to his farm! its wasss sooo fun! but bishop is kind of intense about farm so like we were therre from like 7 am to like 3 in the after noon.. now that might not sounds like a lot but reminder the sun is about scorrching temperature at like 8;45 so yes i got fried and was soooooooo dead when we finnally got home hahah but planting corn ghana style is a lot more work then i thought! learned lots from bishop and it was a great time!

really didnt teach a lot this week cause everyone seemed to be tired or busy... hahah but thats GHANA! but one thing that i saw this week that i really really do love is a quote on the back of some young man shirt. it read, "Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional." its FACT! think about it. because of the flesh of our body we will go through pain and temptations, but we dont have to suffer! and the best part WE can choose for ourselves! if we follow christ we will still go through trials and pain but we will not, can not suffer! hhahah almost bought the shirt off the kids back lolo

well another great week ahead of us! love you all! honestly just keep saying your prayers and read your scriputers and not only will you come closer to christ but He will come closer to you!

love you all!

elder jeppson

1-4. us chillin at farm!! and bishops Bushmobile! haha
5.elder brooks was trained in the same area as me almost 1.5 years ago so we both went and visisted some old members we both love.
6. this district is sooo crazy hehehehe

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