10 April 2017

Week #33

hhaahah 6 transfers

well i received news this week that i indeed will be staying another transfer in Assin Fosu.... that now makes 6 transfers here. hahahah ayyye its not easy oo but the lord needs me here for some reason and just as ELder Bednar taught, we are called to serve , not to a place. so i hope i can keep doing my best in the wonderful area!

well not much happened this week, power went out for about a day. had this lady say she will get wives (plural) for me and my companion. spent plenty time on the toilet. decided im going to actually start learning to read twi. had a wonderful baptism on saturday. half the town flooded yesterday during a rain storm. im now playing the piano at a wedding, so go me.... my skin on my nuckles didnt peel for the first time in 8 months when i did my wash this morning. the whole town, fire department, police, and missionaries lol killed a 8 foot long black mamba in the middle of town. and best of all i found out im staying the funniest guy ever another transfer, Elder Woyesa! hahahhahaha what a week eh?

well all i have to share today is about love. and this is why. we have a young man by the name of paul who is more then qualified for baptism but the uncle the old bishop who paul is staying doesnt think he is ready and he needs to know more before he is baptized. note: paul has been to church 10 times in a row and standard is 3 before baptism, and he been taught all the lessons more then once. now i know that we are supposed to love everyone no matter what.... but ill be honest chale.... i really really really dont love pauls uncle at all hahahah that is why i want to talk about love.

ME. Elder Peyton Mccall Jeppson, need to work on love. i need to love this man for than any other person on this earth. i need to love him enough that he can see that i really do care for paul and im not here just to baptize people but to truley help people become converted to following Jesus Christ. its not easy to love someone that we personaly struggle with but i pray and hope that one day, showing true love to someone, can change not only their current mind but the heart forever. i know it will someday with pauls uncle but first, i need to show love.

love you all! lots of pics! HAPPY 50 DAD! haha EVERYONE GO READ proverbs 20:29, "the glory of young men is their strength: and the beauty of old men is the gray head." dad you are BEAUTIFUL PA PA!! hahh

have a good week!

1.my compa cleaning the table with a nasty mop hhahhahahha
2. the whole town with their rocks and rods to beat the snake when it comes out of the gutter hahahahah good times
3. playboy PAUL hhahh goof!
4. Sister Jackline baptism
5.we found where moroni hid the gold plates lollolo

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