17 April 2017

Week #34

oh how glorious was that morning

Happy Easter! well there wasnt much easter celebration done here but there was suchhhhhh a dopeee week!!!! there was a wedding on saturday for sister Joyce one of my favorite RM's. we helped set up for it and carried like 50 chairs on our head down to the house....chale the way my neck is sore HAHAHA i dont know how these Ghanains carry everything on there head! but it was fun!

Transfers was this week so we said goodbye to some people and then said hello to others! man im gonnaa miss some of those homies that are leaving soooo much fun serving with them! but man the new group is sooooo sweet! Elder Brooks from Arizona came to our appartment to be with elder akituyi and we are enjoyin! hahahah he littlerly has 8 weeks to go home so its soooo funny cause hes sooooo tired! lol

well it was easter and of course we were all reflecting on the saviors life and most importantly his atoning sacrifice for all of us. i cant help ask my self why? why did Jesus christ suffer Everything, litterly every pain or affliction, for me and you? idk i really dont know why? but all i could think of was Christ love and his knowledge of the role in the plan of salvation for his brother and sisters. he was willing to give his life for his brothers and sister and because he did all of us will be victorious over death and IF we choose we can even have exaltation and eternal happiness. made me think of missionary work, if i give everything i can for my brothers and sisters of ghana maybe just maybe i can help someone choose not only to be resurrected but have eternal life with our father in heaven! man im learning sooo much about jesus christ as  i read the scriptures i just cant help feel that as i read the event are actually happening rn. the scriptures are my friend like i know that sounds weird but ive never felt closer to anything in my life then my scriptures rn hahahaha

love you all! i hope you are all enjoying the last bit of winter cause summer is coming.... hahahahah ohhhhh the heat!!!! 

elder jeppson

1-3. some of the homies im gonna miss, solia, pele kallay, burningham, and of course the zonnne!
4. freaking Brooks toasted a lizard and scared the crap out of me hahahah that guy
5-6. Sister Joyce and George wedding hahahahah

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