15 May 2017

Week #38

Personal Conversion

WOW oh WOW oh WOW! SOOOO FANTASTIC tooo see the FAM yesterday!! HAPPY mothers day to alll those moms out there!! (or some day in the near future to be moms hehe) for all those with kids serving missions isnt just calling home just the best. precious seconds of a servant of god and their family talking about how truley blessed there are to have eachother in there life. God is too good.

well this week was SOOOO busy. zone conference lol my 6th conference in assin fosu so that was fun! i had my last interview with the greatest man i've ever met, President Stevenson. it was sooo wonderful, that man truly is called of God. some of the sisters got sick again sooo some nights in the hospital and sooo i was just sooo tired hahahaha but best of the best sister amina was baptized this weekend! 

sister aminas parents are muslims and so is amina somehow. but the parents wanted her daughter to go to the church of jesus christ of later day saints. its kind of an amazing change. in the west africa area we are not alowed to teach muslims unless they are interview by our president. so the change of aminas life is sooo amazing going from something sooo far to what we believe in this church. the miracles are endless! 

Amina had to have a personal conversion. she had to know it was true. each one of us in our lives can ask god anything to know the Truth to our problems. weather its a new spice you want to try or if youre wondering if God is really listening to your prayers. I know god will always answer our questions. "we need only ask" i love it! sweet is the work!!!!

1-2. Zone conference
3.Amina baptism
5. Mountain house for Dinner!! WAHOO

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