29 May 2017

Week #40


lo and behold.... im in cape!! sooo much fun!! i love it sooo much!! today i saw a white girl for the first time in 9 months, bought some KOOL AID (in remembrance of mom) hahah i found some frosted flakes and the ocean is just right there!! (man chale i wish i could swim.... CAPE COAST IS SOOO HOT! as you can tell im pretty stoked to be here but i really do miss the members of fosu.. those guys are sooo sweet and i miss them a ton!

my new area is called nkanfoa, its where the mission home is.... its kind of weird going toooo far from the mission home to it being in your area hahah its a small town in the hills just on the outsides of cape! my new companion is elder Ogar (say it like youre Shrek but with pirate feel) Oggarrrrrrrr hahah hes a sweet guy that just completed his training so hes still really really new! so its fun to watch him work his green. but this new area is sooo hilly so my butt is dying of soreness hahahah take me a while to figure it out. and whats really sweet about serving around cape is that mostly everyone can speak decent english so teaching is sooo nice now!

GUESS WHAT. my new appartment is like the nicest in the mission!! its like going from a shack in Pine, IDaho to the FREAKING WHITE HOUSE!! HAHAHAHAHAH im just enjoying a COUCH and 2 fridges and 2 bathrooms.. man life is sooo good rn!! lol

well i want everyone to know that the lord humbles all of us for our own good and when we look back on how we were when the pride was there... we feel stupid. for example. the 2 other elders i live with are the supply elders. i did not like these guys at allllllll! they act all official but man they just sucked soo bad and i never got my supplies for my house in fosu. so one day in fosu i picked up the phone and fired them for a good 10 minutes. i hated them. little did i know that the lord need me to love these guys so what did he do?? he sent me to live with him!! haha i was a little shocked when i found out but only after like 5 days..i love these guys! they are sooo sweet! and i am truly blessed to serve with them! God is in control and he knows what hes doing. its about accepting his will and becoming humble, as jesus christ taught, "becoming as a little child." its not always easy but i know its what we need to do to come closer towards our savior! 

LOVE YOU ALL! just know im gonna be eatin some nutella for the next few days and sippin on some powerade!! hahaha

elder jeppson

1.my companion and i at stake conference
2. never seen a black girl with blue eyes, sooo beautiful
3.new area
4. mission van got stuck after the rain hahahah

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