06 June 2017

Week #41

life couldnt be better

well it was fast sunday this week. and i forgot to fast, hahahah being in a routine in the morning just really gets messed up when things change like fast sunday. lolo its all good though! next month!

well i dont have much to say about this week, didnt teach a lot, had an exchange with the supply elders and got to prosylet in a CAR for a day so that was sick! also i went to the cape coast castle!! man i learned sooo many cool/unreal things about that place. what a small world we really live in!

well i was reading in mosiah 4 this week. taught me somthing i really really struggle with. it talks about those beggars, and poor, invested people we see on the streets asking for food or money. its says if you tell yourself those people did that to them selves and they are poor/mad because they did it to them selves, therefore i wont be charitable or help them, the council is if  you say this in your hearts, you are called to repent. cause you dont belong in gods kingdom with that kind of heart.

love ALL of gods children, no matter there circumstance, or what they have done in the past. be charitable, feed those in need, clothe the naked, and show love to your brothers and sisters. im trying to do that here but its hard cause you help one and they all expect money now, but i know if we do what the lord councils on in mosiah, we will inherit all that he hath. its not easy but, " do what is right, let the consequence follow." 

have a good week!! 

find yourself in the scriptures!

elder jeppson

trying to send pics but this cafe!! hahaha

1.wheel chair chillin
2-3. feastin for the best. CHOCOLATE CAKE
4.cape coast castle!!!!!

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