19 June 2017

Week #43


happy fathers day!! even though im a day late fathers should always be appriciated for all that they do! especially ole bishop jeppson. what a guy hhaha love that man!

well we went with presidents son this week! sooooo much fun! guys a great guy and it was cool to see how a state side missionary taught the lessons compared to how we teach them. we had a blast and i of course bought him a bunch of things to try hahah he said he like them all so that was cool!! ahah

well i dont have much to say this week. we taughts lots of lessons, im close to the ocean so weve been having a nice breeze to keep us cool. i love it hahaha coming home tired is a good thing but cause im getting fat im trying to work out but im just soooo dead i cant motivate myself hhahahahahahah ohhhh welll!

this week i was talking with some elders how when teaching the gospel and especially the plan of salvation, its sooo much easier to teach about the past. things like the pre earth life, the creation, the fall of adam and eve. because they happened. they are the FACTS, but when teaching about our life after death, it requires a person to exercise a lot of faith. we have to teach on our knowledge of gods plan for us and back it up with scripture to show that the plan of happiness, IS REAL. and its happening right now.

but what we decided as a group of elders is that if gods plan worked PERFECTLY in the past, it will also work PERFECTLY in the future! its exciting to think that the future is yes unknowable but at the same time it is a fact. the next life will occur cause its a fact and its all apart of Gods eternal plan for his children. 

i love this gospel and i love learning more and more eachday.

(halfway done with the book of mormon) masta that book is tooooo goood oooo

till we meet next week!

elder jeppson

1. my trainer, Elder Divver, completed his mission and went home this week!! love that man and how he taught me to really work as a missionary! till we meet again dawg!!
2. Evans stevenson, came out with us on exchanged! we enjoyed paaa!

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