12 June 2017

Week #42

accepting THE plan

this week is kind of hard to describe, but the impact of it is unforgettable.

friday was just an average morning, slunch out of bed, walk to the couch and "rest" for a few minutes lol i go outside and polish my shoes, iron my shirt, have some egg sandwhich (EVERYDAY) went to my personal studies and studied out of the words of alma the younger. after planning, made some stew for lunch. chopped it with a caprisun. then got ready and left the house.

we were going to see a momi named sister Doris. sister doris also has 2 daughters that we teach her with. one is 10 and the other is 15. all three of them doris,emmanuela, and anas are all investagators who are planning to be baptized next month.we walked with a member to translate our message with her. the lessons was on God and his relationship to us and the importance of Families. the lesson went great!! the spirit was ever present! anas came out half way through the lesson very sick and she didnt stay for more then a minute before she went back to her room.

after the lesson we left and went to our next appointment, sister adjuwa. we talked with her for a while before the lesson and then a short lesson on joseph smith. towards the end of the lesson we get a call from Doris, the momi we just taught. i pick of the phone and all she is saying is simply, "Anas is Dead...." she was crying and screaming on the phone. she told us she was at a nearby training hospital.

we got in a taxi and went to the hospital, my mind could not believe it, i just saw anas not even 2 hours ago alive, yes sick but alive! as soon as i stepped out of the taxi. momi doris was in my arms uncontrollably crying.... her 10 year old baby girl, Anas. has just minutes ago taken her last breath. 

elder ogar and i did everything we could to comfort sister doris. but it really was just too much. while we waited on the curb till her family members arrived, my companion and i could not control ourselves. as we sat there crying for what had just happened, i felt prompted to sing to sister doris, a song i knew she could not interpret/understand, "i know that my redeemer lives." as i began to sob and sing awfully through that wonderful song. momi doris stopped crying and listen to the words. 

even though sister doris knows very little english. she heard something that i can not sing. she heard and felt the love of heavenly father and his son jesus christ. i know. I Know sister doris was comforted by the spirit. we said a prayer with her and after a few hours we left to go teach another person.

The way god works. had it not been just that morning we had talking about family and how they can be together forever?? had we not discussed that god will always comfort us during our trials?? had we not just discussed that if we follow christ, and endure to the end. nothing. nothing can stop us from living with our familys and christ someday.

brother and sisters. God lives. i know it. he knows you. and he is there for you.

we attended the funeral this morning. what a great morning for poor little anas. but she is where she needs to be. receiving the gospel on that side of the veil. What a powerful lesson i learned this week. i will never forget the feelings i felt.

God bless you all

elder jeppson

1-2. last zone conference with president stevenson!!!
3-4. elder youngs BDAY

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